The landscape around ones home, like the home itself, should reflect how you live, what makes you feel welcome and what brings you peace and contentment in your daily life. Our job as Landscape professionals is to listen to you, and through listening, to gather the information we need about you, about your site and about your life. Together we understand what the site needs and the demands it makes and together we come up with a beautiful and functional plan.


Native Landscapes has 30 years in experience of restorative landscaping that focuses on the creation of landscapes that are uniquely adapted to the climactic, soil and moisture conditions present on a particular site. The restorative approach simply uses the pertinent environmental information as one more overlay in the design process- matching soil types, plant communities and irrigation systems to insure the design maximizes water efficiency and landscape spaces are sited to take advantage of microclimates exposure and other environmental conditions. Unlike a conventional landscape maintenance costs decline over time in a restorative landscape. Once established they are much less dependent on fertilizers, chemical herbicides or pesticides and provide wildlife habitat for a wide variety of birds and other animals.

Construction Features

Project managers are involved with the project from budgeting to  execution and establishment. Along with their formal training in landscape architecture they bring a practical background in construction to each project, supervising highly skilled crews that have worked with us for years.

On the financial side of things Project Managers create and then manage the budgets and scheduling of the project allowing us to make timely decisions and adjustments when necessary. They hire and manage sub-contractors and other specialists and insure their work is done well and on time.

Establishment & Maintenance

Once the installation is complete project managers are involved and accountable for the establishment and ongoing maintenance of projects. We feel this is a critical aspect often left out in the process but one we believe is often the difference between success and failure. We tailor each clients needs to benefit the aesthetic and horticultural health of the landscape.