Metal work of all kinds has been integral to landscaping since it’s earliest days. Metal is durable and our ability to manipulate and shape it into precise forms is limited only by our imagination and the properties of the metal itself. Metal is useful in a wide variety of applications from water features to planter boxes. It’s durability and flexibility makes it a perfect choice for edging pathways, patios and other features where a hard clean edge is desirable and it’s strength makes it a perfect choice for constructed features like arbors, bridges and staircases. Metal lends itself to a wide variety of both refined and simple finishes that enhance the appearance and textural qualities of the materials and producing an almost limitless variety of applications.


The generic term “hardscape” does not do justice to the numerous varieties of outdoor patios, decks, walkways, gravel gardens and other surfaces that can be used in the landscape. The choice of materials is huge: ranging from pressed concrete pavers of all shapes and sizes, flagstone of every kind, color and texture to simple applications of ornamental gravels and decomposed granite. Even greater variation is achieved when one introduces combinations of materials, patterns, shapes and textures to the mix. Whatever ones aesthetic sensibilities there are a beautiful and functional solution to our need for usable outdoor surfaces.


Properly designed and constructed a pond can be cleaned and purified using natural processes. By carefully managing the ratio of surface area to depth, insuring water is properly aerated and shading the water’s surface with water loving trees and shrubs evaporation is minimized saving precious water resources while creating areas of quiet beauty and refuge in a busy world.

A pond in the landscape offers a wide variety of aesthetic and recreational benefits in the landscape. Natural ponds attract a wide variety of birds, and other wildlife, provide necessary water to important insect pollinators like bees and butterflies, and perhaps most importantly swimming opportunities for all manner of children and grandchildren.

 Water Features

Water has been part of gardens and landscapes since ancient Babylonia. Still water is an archetype believed by many scientists to be part of our evolutionary makeup while the sound of running water calms the nerves bringing a unique serenity to the landscape environment. In a world where water is scarce recirculating water features give us all the benefits of water in the garden while at the same time conserving water. Constructed water features often double as sculptural elements in and of themselves. For those of us that love the sound and look of water, (and who doesn’t), and are also committed to saving water, a constructed water feature is an elegant solution.

 Pools & Spas

Nothing says relaxation like a beautiful, clean, steaming Spa after a hard day of work. Native Landscapes collaborates with some of the countries leading spa designers and manufacturers to integrate the spa of your choice into your landscape. The choices available are limited only by the imagination and include custom stainless steel, copper or wooden spas as well as conventional stand alone acrylic construction.