Meet the Team

James Gillespie

With over fifteen years of experience in upper level project management, James provides Native Landscapes clients consistent and reliable management. Every project is given a carefully considered timeline prior to its beginning. Well thought-out scheduling of site preparation, irrigation, hard surface construction and various labor crews, and timely delivery of plants, materials, and equipment are essential to the success of a project, especially when growing seasons are short. Throughout each phase of every project, Native Landscapes presents clients with estimates, detailed accounting and progress reports.


Mark Spencer

General Manager Mark Spencer has been with Native Landscapes since 2008. He holds a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design from the University of Tennessee and has 20 years experience in the field in all aspects of landscape construction. Mark works closely with the design team and with installation and maintenance crews to coordinate and deliver high quality projects and service to our clients.

Kelley Weston

Founder of Native Landscapes, Kelley has designed and created many noteworthy landscapes and gardens in the Wood River Valley. Kelley's knowledge about gardening in severe mountain climates, gained from almost 20 years of practical experience, is unmatched. His passion for the art of gardening is key to transforming a design into a reality. Kelley and his highly qualified team of rock, irrigation, and planting specialists ensure that plans on paper with reach their full potential in your landscape. All while being conscious and aware of the intrinsic value that is held in the surrounding nature.

About Mary Alexander

Mary Alexander

Mary has a keen interest in horticulture, a degree in Landscape Architecture and is working towards licensure. Through careful field analysis, monitoring, and proper prescription of horticultural practices, Mary demonstrates our commitment to protecting our clients’ investment in their landscape projects.